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With the higher education industry transforming at a rapid pace, institutional leaders must have the vision and knowledge to lead in the 21st century. AGB Search understands the challenges leaders face and offers a range of learning and development resources.


An Institution Asks: What is the appropriate role of the campus community in finalist interviews?

There is no one right way to conduct finalist interviews. The best structure for finalist interviews will be unique to each institution, balancing factors such as campus culture, history, and expectations for openness; institutional structure (number of campuses, for instance); and the desire to create a process that will attract and protect candidates with high needs for confidentiality, such...

A Candidate Asks: I have concerns about confidentiality, but the institution is holding open campus interviews. What are my options?

If you have confidentiality concerns, be sure to make that clear to the search consultant early in the process, as sometimes search committees have the flexibility to keep the final interview process closed or protected. Even in an open process, there are things a committee can do to limit exposure, such as not providing a press release announcing the interviews, sharing the interview schedule...

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“Effective higher education leadership will require optimism, visionary and innovative thinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to the life of the mind and its intersection with the business of higher education.”

Isiaah Crawford, Ph.D.
University of Puget Sound