Choosing a new leader is a tremendous responsibility--and a rare opportunity. AGB Search helps your institution capitalize on every opportunity the search process presents. We offer a choice of services to fit your institution's needs.

AGB Search assists colleges, universities, systems, coordinating boards, and institutionally related foundations in planning for, recruiting, selecting, and transitioning new executive leaders who will be permanent appointments. We are committed to listening to and working with boards of trustees and campus communities in identifying the attributes a new leader will need. The profile that results shapes the candidate recruitment and selection process. Following a successful appointment we actively help design and implement a transition plan that is broad, inclusive and focused on the needs of the new leader and campus community.

AGB Interim Search serves the same range of clients by providing them fully qualified and carefully vetted candidates for senior-level interim positions. When it is wiser to make a short-term appointment, or there is not yet time for a full search, we can provide transitional leadership in which you can have complete confidence.

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